Walter Group

We had the privilege to make two models for WALTER GROUP for their stand at @exporeal.official . What you see here, is a residential project managed by WALTER-IMMOBILIEN.

To maximize the size of the circular shape we picked an unconventional 1:60 scale but it matters only until the very minute you scale down the CAD drawings 🙂

The inner volume is simple, made out of painted acrylics. To give this part an extra little twist, we used lime wood veneer on the balconies.

The tricky or most time consuming part was the application of the fins. There are more than 800 pieces here, so it took almost two days to complete. It was arduous, but as you can see, totally worth the effort.

We used some lovely trees from @primomodelsin and 3D printed people to finalize the scenery around the building.

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